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Tranning & Career Guide

Thứ năm, 13/12/2012 14:28


In order to become the best enterprise in manpower supply, LOD has established the Vocational College of Industrial Technology with a 16.85 million USD (300 billion VND) investment. This will be the most modern place in the North to supply qualified human resource at international standards.

Total area: 68833 m2
Main College in Hung Yen: 62000 m2
Hanoi Branch: 6833 m2 Total investment: approx. 16.85 million USD (300 billion VND) 
Stage 1:  approx. 11.23 million USD (200 billion VND)
Stage 2: approx. 5.62 million USD (100 billion VND)

Training scale:
6000 learners per year for middle and long-term courses
10000 learners per year for short-term courses
Job training :    
1.      Machinery
2.      Contruction
3.      Electronics Engineer
4.      IT Technician
5.      Certified Nursing Assistance
6.      Householdmaid
Situated in an area of nearly 7000 m2 including dozens of classrooms and practical workshops. The Campus has many experienced teachers delivering high quality teaching programs that are supported by colleges and universities.
Annually, the Campus trains thousands of skilled workers to international standards.
The Campus also organizes motorcycles and motor driver training from grade B1 to grade C with thousands of learners annually .
Japan is an important partner in the field of human resource cooperation, exchange and development. Vietnam has an abundant human resource but has a limited awareness of organization, discipline, skills and communication ability. Being aware of the significance of cooperative activities to train learners with Japanese partners, LOD has oriented their own activities by investing in The Japan Centre with advanced facilities, professional management apparatus, well- experienced teachers, well organized staff and Japanese specialists directly participating in the management and training.
Set up initially to assist HR2 in deployment of labour to English speaking Markets. TEACH’s primary function is to address the requirements of English Language for our clients. Teach has also diversified into company classes, providing state of the art custom designed courses delivered by top level native teachers. Each course is tailor made to the specific requirements of each client following LOD’s motto “one client at a time”.