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Thứ năm, 13/12/2012 14:54

On the morning of May 25th , 2010, the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, Madam Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and the Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training of Cambodia, Sir Vong Sauth signed a memorandum of understanding on labour, vocational training, and social security.


The cooperation fields  the two sides agreed include:

1. Improve the system of labour law including: Labour standards; Labour relations; Employment service promotion; Information system of labour market; Labour inspection; Migrant workers management; Improvement of occupational safety and health at work; Research on labour issues including information exchange and research about the labour law of each country.

2. Vocational training: Vocational training management; Development of vocational skill standards, accreditation and assessment system and granting vocational training certification.

. Social Security: Exchange of information, documents and guidance related to policies and mechanism to ensure social security, exchange of experience on social security system, training programs, seminars is based on agreements and specific requirements.

4. Training and developing human resource: training staff for the sector.
    On the mode of cooperation, both parties exchange information, documents and professional experience in related areas, exchange study tours between experts and senior officials, and participate workshops, conferences, forums and technical training workshops at the national and regional levels; other cooperative activities are decided by the two parties.
    The International Cooperation Department of the two Ministries is a focal point responsible for coordinating and implementing activities outlined in the Memorandum. Annually, and when necessary, both parties will meet and agree issues and related activities to be implemented the contents within the framework of this Memorandum.
    The Memorandum comes into force from the date of signing and  will be valid until the end of the year 2014 unless either party notices in writing the intention to cancel this Memorandum via the diplomatic channel to the other party six months in advance.